Excel Formulas: Interactive: Formula Flashcards

Lesson 10: Interactive: Formula Flashcards


Interactive: Formula Flashcards

Let's briefly review what we have learned in the past few lessons. Then, you'll answer a few questions to test your knowledge.

Simple Formulas

Simple formulas combine relative cell references and mathematical operators to perform helpful calculations.

Complex Formulas

Like simple formulas, complex formulas combine cell references and mathematical operators. However, in complex formulas, we usually perform more than one mathematical operation. The order of operations helps us to determine which operation to perform first.


A function is a predefined formula that performs calculations using specific values in a particular order. The first step, however, is determining which function to use. To review the different types of functions, you can check out our Functions lesson.

The second step to using a function is determining the correct arguments. Arguments determine which cells are analyzed by a function.

Now that you know the basics of formulas and functions, you're ready to learn some more advanced Excel formulas!