PowerPoint Tips: Duplicate Your Animations

Lesson 14: Duplicate Your Animations


Duplicate your animations

Whenever you want to copy an animation from one object to another, you don’t need to repeat the animation process. Instead, you can duplicate it with the Animation Painter. Aside from saving you time and hassle, this method will also keep your animations consistent throughout your slideshow.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use this awesome tool.


  1. Select the object that has the animation you want to duplicate. Then go to the Animations tab.
  2. Click on Animation Painter. The cursor will have a paintbrush icon next to it while this tool is active.
  3. Find the object you want to animate and click on it.
  4. The animation will be applied to the new object, and then the Animation Painter will switch off. 
  5. To duplicate the animation more than once, double-click the Animation Painter.
  6. Click on as many objects as you want to apply the animation to. Finally, click on the Animation Painter again to turn it off.

This tip might help you to save time and effort while working on your presentation. Keeping your animations consistent for similar text or graphics on each slide will give your presentation a polished look throughout. 

Next up, we’ll show you how to play audio across your entire slideshow.