PowerPoint 2000: Adding Objects

Lesson 8: Adding Objects



By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Add objects to slides
  • Insert clip art

Adding objects

Some slide layouts contain special places for pictures, clip art, graphs, and charts. These objects can help enhance the appearance of slides.

Placeholder Slide

An object placeholder specifies the type of item you should place in it. It prompts you to double-click within the placeholder to add the object.

Inserting clip art

Clip art is an image or images you can add to your presentation.

To add clip art to a slide:

  • Choose InsertactionNew Slide from the menu bar (Ctrl+M).
  • Choose a slide layout containing a clip art placeholder.
  • Double-click in the placeholder box.

The Microsoft Clip Gallery opens. It contains categories of clip art.

Clip Gallery

  • Choose a category, such as favorites, academic, or animals.
  • Choose a picture.
  • Click OK.

Important pointYou can also add clip art to a slide by clicking InsertactionPictureactionClip Art. The Microsoft Clip Gallery opens.


  • Start PowerPoint.
  • Open My First Presentation.
  • Insert a slide with a layout for text and clip art.
  • Double-click in the placeholder to add clip art.
  • When the Microsoft Clip Gallery opens, choose the Business category.
  • Choose a clip art picture and double-click to insert it.
  • Type the title Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Type a bulleted list that includes Design presentations, Print speaker’s notes, and Add multimedia effects.
  • Save your changes.