PowerPoint 2000: Moving, Copying, and Deleting Slides

Lesson 12: Moving, Copying, and Deleting Slides



By the end of the lesson, you should be able to:

  • Use the Slide Sorter view
  • Move, copy, and delete slides

Working with slides

Slides can be moved, copied, or deleted. You can also move or copy a slide to another presentation. The best view for completing this task is the Slide Sorter view. This view shows a miniature of each slide.

Slide Sorter View

Moving, copying, and deleting slides

Working with slides in Slide Sorter view is a fairly easy task.

To move a slide:

  • Click the Slide Sorter view button. Slide Sorter View button
  • Select the slide to be moved by pressing and holding down the left mouse button.
  • Once the slide is selected, drag it to the new location.

To copy a slide:

  • Press Ctrl and choose the slide.
  • Drag the slide to the new location.
  • When you copy a slide, the mouse pointer becomes a slide icon. Release the mouse button, and a duplicate of the slide appears.

Copying a Slide in Slide Sorter View

To delete a slide:

  • Click the slide.
  • Press Delete on your keyboard.


  • Open an existing presentation.
  • Practice moving, copying, and deleting a slide.
  • Practice using the Undo feature after moving, copying, and deleting slides.