Publisher 2003: Working with Images

Lesson 11: Working with Images



By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Insert a clip art object
  • Insert a picture
  • Edit a picture using the picture toolbar

Working with images

Watch the video! (6:51 min)

Images can have a major impact on your publications. Publisher provides several options for adding images like clip art and digital pictures to your publications.

To insert a clip art object:

  • Go to the main menu, and select InsertactionPictureactionClip Art.
  • The Clip Art window appears in the task pane.
  • Search for a particular subject of clip art. You can refine your results by specifying a collection or file type.
  • Click the clip art you want to insert. It will appear in your document.
  • Move and resize the clip art object as needed.
clip art search

To delete an image:

  • Select the object you want to delete.
  • Press the Delete key or right-click and select Delete Object.

To insert a picture:

  • Go to the main menu, and select InsertactionPictureactionFrom File.
  • Browse for the image you want in the Insert Picture dialog box.
  • Click Insert to insert it into the publication.
  • Move and resize the picture object as needed.

Using the picture toolbar

Use the Picture tool bar to:

  • Change color
  • Adjust contrast and brightness
  • Crop an image using the crop icon
  • Add a line or border
  • Change line or border thickness
Picture toolbar


If you have not already done so in a previous challenge, download and save the sample newsletter publication to complete this challenge.

  • Open the Sample Newsletter publication.
  • Insert a clip art image into the first article on the first page. Make the following changes:
    • Adjust its brightness and contrast.
    • Add a border.
  • Delete the image of the sun with glasses on the first page.
  • Save and close the newsletter to use in the next challenge.