Word Tips: Shortcuts for Inserting Lists

Lesson 4: Shortcuts for Inserting Lists


Shortcuts for inserting lists

Adding lists to your document can be a great way to outline or emphasize text.  Luckily there’s a simple keyboard shortcut to insert bulleted or numbered lists.

Watch the video below to see this shortcut in action.


  1. Open your Word document, and position your cursor exactly where you want to start the list. 
  2. To start a bulleted list, type an asterisk (*). Then hit the spacebar and start typing your text.
  3. To start a numbered list, type the number 1 followed by a period (.). Hit the spacebar and start typing. 
  4. As you add more items to the list, Word will automatically add the appropriate bullet or number.
  5. To switch between different list formats, highlight the list items you want to change and right-click.
  6. Select the Bullets or Numbering option from the drop-down menu to change the list format.
  7. Save your document with your new list. 

You can now add lists to your Word doc without having to navigate through different options on the ribbon. When you don’t want the flow of your writing to be interrupted, this shortcut can be especially useful.

Next up, we’ll show you how to return to your last edit in a Word doc.