Word 2003: Creating New Documents Using Templates

Lesson 33: Creating New Documents Using Templates



By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Create new documents using the templates feature

Creating new documents using the Templates feature

Microsoft Word provides several ways to create a new document. You can start with a new blank document, or you can use a predefined template. A template is a sample document, or pattern, that you can personalize.

To use a template:

  • Select FileactionNew from the main menu. The New Document task pane will appear.
  • Look in the Templates section of the New Document task pane. You can access templates from three locations:
    • Templates on Office Online
    • On my computer
    • On my websites
  • Select On my computer to view templates that are preloaded on your computer.
  • Click one of the eight category tabs:
    • General
    • Legal Pleadings
    • Letters & Faxes
    • Mail Merge
    • Memos
    • Other Documents
    • Publications
    • Reports
  • Select one of the templates to view it in the Preview section.

  • Click OK. The template will appear in your Word window.
  • Insert your text into the template.
  • Save and close the document.


  • Open Word.
  • Look at several of the templates on your computer.
  • Select on of those templates.
  • Enter text into the template.
  • Save and close the document.