Word 2003: Save and Save As

Lesson 2: Save and Save As



By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Use Save
  • Use Save As

Saving a new file

When saving a file for the first time:

  • Click File on the Menu Bar.
  • Select Save - Ctrl+S.

    Save File

Using the standard toolbar to save:

Important pointChoose the Save button Save Button on the standard toolbar.

Save As dialog box

After selecting Save from the menu bar or the Standard toolbar, the Save As Dialog Box appears.

save as dialog box

To specify a file location:

  • Open the Save In: drop-down list box.
  • Choose 3 1/2 floppy (A:) if saving to a floppy disk.
  • Choose (C:) if saving to your hard disk.
  • Name your file in the File name: box.
  • Click Save.

If you do not choose a file name, Microsoft Word will assign a file name for you. It assigns the first line of text in your document, unless you give it a different name when prompted in the File name box.

If you do not specify a file location, Office uses the My Documents folder as the default location. If you can't find a file, check My Documents.

After naming and saving a file once:

  • Click the Save button Save Button on the Standard toolbar.


  • Go to the File menu, and choose Save.
    You will not get a Save As dialog box again.

Saving a file under a new name

If you wish to create an exact copy of an original document for editing or revising purposes, you should perform a Save As on the file and save it under a new name. This will guarantee that you always have a saved, original copy.

Follow these steps to perform a Save As:

  • Click File from the menu bar.
  • Select Save As. The Save As dialog box appears.
  • Type a new name for your file in the File name: box.
  • Click Save.

Important pointChoose Save As to rename a document. Be careful not to overwrite your original file.

Did you know?

Save periodically when you are working in an application. Losing information is never fun! You can quickly save by using the quick-key combination Ctrl + S.

If Word encounters a problem, it may automatically shut down without giving you the chance to Save. The Document Recovery task pane will appear the next time you open Word. This pane allows you to view files that were recovered when Word discontinued working properly. Select the best version of your document from here, and make sure to save it.